Why Your Heat Gun Can’t Compete with the Terpometer

This is something like our 6th blog about the Terpometer, so it goes without saying that we here at Master-Minded love this revolutionary tool. And we’re not the only ones. When this essential oil thermometer hit the market a little over a year ago, it was met with almost unanimous acclaim with people across the community praising how much simpler it made the dabbing process. A year later, there’s no good reason every concentrate connoisseur shouldn’t have their very own Terpometer at the ready during every sesh. But you still don’t have to look far to find people in the community bragging about  using a heat gun to find the wax-drop-window. Here’s why it’s time to holster the heat gun for good.

Using a Heat Gun Use to Be Resourceful

In the days before the Terpometer, creative concentrate connoisseurs were thinking of all sorts of ways to Macgyver their ways into the perfect sesh, using everything from meat thermometers to, you guessed it, heat guns. A heat gun was actually a pretty ingenious way to get around blazing a nail to ridiculous temperatures before guesstimating the perfect moment to drop the wax. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “heat gun”, they’re available under a slew of other names including infrared thermometers, temp guns, or any combination of these terms. During those days, using a cheap heat gun gave you a leg up on the usual guessing game that accompanied the dabbing ritual. But with the advent of the Terpometer, heat guns just seem inadequate. You’ll still find the occasional veteran clinging to the heat gun promising you can get by with this $10 investment instead of going all in with a Terpometer. They’re right; you can “get by.” But you can also get by living in the woods under a piece of tarp held up by a few tree branches. It doesn’t mean it’s ideal.

the accuracy of the terpometer relies on direct contact

The Unmatched Accuracy of the Terpometer

Accuracy is the main reason the heat gun just can’t compete with the Terpometer. The Terpometer comes in direct contact with your banger for an unimpeachable temperature reading. It even accommodates for the lost heat when that wax first hits the glass when calculating your perfect window of opportunity. The temp gun is designed to give a distant reading, never actually coming in contact with the glass. You’re meant to aim the gun at the object from which you want the temperature reading (the banger, in this case). The lack of contact alone calls the results into question.

How Glass Shatters a Temp Gun’s Precision

However, distance isn’t the only issue impacting the heat gun. Their infrared lasers notoriously struggle with glass, penetrating through the transparent surface for further challenges to accuracy. Users need to aim the heat gun at just the right spot to get a reading from a banger. Because of these inconsistencies, opaque bottom bangers are typically the best choice for anyone relying on a heat gun. Since the Terpometer doesn’t rely on infrared sensors to gather its readings, it’s not subject to these issues. Can you find heat guns with the technology to accurately read glass? You bet, but they’ll set you back just as much as (if not more than) a new Terpometer.

terpometer handles glass in ways temp guns cant

Basically, it all boils down to the fact that the Terpometer was specifically designed by concentrate enthusiasts for concentrate enthusiasts whereas heat guns offer a more universal application, leaving it ill-equipped to overcome the unique challenges of the dabbing ritual. If you simply can’t afford a Terpometer, a heat gun is better than nothing. Otherwise, you’re simply roughing it for the sake of roughing it.

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