Why Your Shop Should Carry Both American and Chinese Bangers

There’s a reason that manufacturers make “made in the U.S.A.” a bold bulletpoint when listing off the features of their product.

In a country highly reliant on goods manufactured in China, we’ve come to expect poorer quality from these imports.

That’s without even touching the political aspects of buying American.

But in a market this vast and an economy this disparate, your shop should be carrying both Chinese and American glass.

Let’s take the banger for example.

You may think a shop strictly stocked with American-made glass would be preferable to a store that offers both American and Chinese options.

But this brings up a problem even clearer than the quartz of that American-made banger.  

When is a Banger Not a Banger?

For market familiarity, we’re referring to all of the products discussed in this blog as “bangers”, though this is technically incorrect.

“’Banger’ is the industry standard term,” explains Master-Minded’s Brian Crawford. “Just don’t let Whitney Harmon or Highly Educated hear you call their quartz ‘bangers’.”

Yes, it turns out that Whitney Harmon refers to their product as a “bucket” while Highly Educated defaults to their branded name “Gavel.”

All these terms are instantly recognizable on the market, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to defer to the industry’s adopted choice of “banger” throughout this blog.  

highly educated would prefer you call their bangers the gavel

The Question of Quality

In this industry, Chinese manufacturing is often synonymous with inferior quality. But this difference in quality is often exaggerated.

At Master-Minded, we carry a selection of both Chinese and American made glass (for a very important reason that we’re about to get to), but we also stand by the quality of the product lines we distribute.

Fusion, Honeybee Herb and MJ Arsenal are examples of Chinese-made bangers that still put out performance and quality that matches (if not exceeds) what you’d expect from their price tags.

And this brings us to the big reason your shop should be carrying both Chinese and U.S.-made bangers.

MJ Arsenal provides quality banger craftsmanship from Chinese manufacturing

Price Point Options

Not everyone is wandering into a smoke shop with a wallet bursting at the seams.

It’s just good business sense to try to make sure every price point is taking into account so that each potential customer builds into a loyal, returning customer.

Connoisseurs will most likely want to save up for a nice American-made banger from companies like Highly Educated or Whitney Harmon.

But a fresh customer totally new to concentrates?

They most likely want a low-commitment, passable banger that won’t break their bank while they figure out if dabbing’s for them.

And that sounds like a Chinese banger.

If the only way to buy in was at the Highly Educated or Whitney Harmon level, you’d probably see a lot less people celebrating concentrates.

fusion bangers provide chinese glass that fits most price points

Stabilizing Your Supply

While budgetary differences are the primary reason your shop should carry both Chinese and U.S. bangers, there’s also the safety in diversifying your supply chain sources.

Even in the pre-pandemic days, the Chinese New Year was marked on every calendar in the industry so we could give ourselves plenty of time to work around the disruption in supply.

Making sure you’re not getting all of your bangers from one regional source can insulate your stock from any potential interruptions, whether they are planned or not.

In almost every product-based industry, you’ll find that not everyone can afford the best.

Having both top shelf and easily affordable options is almost always advisable.

The quality of Chinese bangers may be frowned upon, but they do offer us a luxury of choice and can serve as relieving back-ups if our favorite banger should meet with an untimely end.

Need to refill your stock of Chinese or American-made bangers?

Master-Minded has plenty of both so reach out your designated account manager today!


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