Your Stash Box is More Than a Locking Spice Rack

This should come as a surprise to no one, but a solid stash box can accommodate much more than a jar full of your favorite plant. Sure, the plant is why the smell proof nature of most stash boxes is in place. Yes, the very idea of a stash box is built around the idea of stashing herbal refreshment. But if that’s all you’re storing in your stash box, you’re missing out on the full potential of these handy safeguards. We don’t want to say “the sky’s the limit” because most stash boxes are pretty tiny to keep up the discretion, but here are a few ideas of the other goodies you could be securing in your favorite stash box.

A Mini Trove of Smoke Shop Products

We’ll start with some of the more obvious options: the support staff for your sesh. As the name would suggest, stash boxes are popular for concealing and securing your stash, but most have evolved to include compartments to keep all of the gear you need for your sesh in one neat, orderly place. If you want that kind of order, you should be trying to fit everything you feasibly can into that stash box. In most cases, this will exclude water pipes and dab rigs, but pretty much everything else is fair game. Just to give you some ideas, the stash box is the perfect place to store essential accessories like dab tools, rolling papers, lighters, herb grinders and even the more compact models of dab torches. All your Tetris skills are going to pay off here. You might even have room for a rolled up dab mat or a dab pen (we know the Little Dipper would have no trouble fitting). More options for the concentrate-inclined include dab swabs, travel bottles of 99% isopropyl alcohol, and quartz bangers. Just make sure that you’re using common sense and safety if attempting to store a butane torch in the same area as highly flammable iso. After all, the primary objective is to keep your stash safe and secure.

Keeping Pricey Possessions in a State-of-the-Art Stash Box Model

We’ve found that most stash boxes lock as a means of preventing theft and keeping out the wandering hands of children. Some go so far as to offer complex voice recognition software, preventing anyone who can’t do a flawless impression of you from gaining access to the goods. A high security stash box makes an ideal safety deposit box for your compact valuables. For example, say you have a buffer of cash you keep at home in case of emergencies. You could keep it in your locking stash box for the added security. Hey, it beats the mattress! A locking stash box also makes a great hiding place for jewelry, expensive watches… even important financial documents.

Others Odds and Ends That Could Use a Stash Box

But let’s not forget the items that might not have a high dollar value but are still valuable in their own way. For example, prescription medications from your doctor. If you want to give some extra security to that plastic pill bottle, you can store your medication in your stash box where your kids won’t have a chance of getting their hands on it. Or maybe you just keep misplacing your keys. Pop them in the stash box and they’ll always be right where you need them. Ditto your business phone. Need a weekend away from the constant buzzing? Turn on those away notifications and pop that phone in the stash box. You can even use it to store flash drives with private data. If it has value to you and the size is right, your stash box could be the added security you need. So, if you’re strictly using your stash box for herb, you’re losing out on some of the convenience of these handy safeguards. The right stash box can help you keep your sesh gear neat, your sensitive material discreet and your valuables from winding up pawned on the street. Not a bad investment!

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