dabX Pro Tool

Amount : single Unit


Discover the perfect addition to your dabbing toolkit with the dabX Pro Tool. Designed with precision and ease in mind, this tool is essential for anyone who enjoys concentrates, from beginners to seasoned experts. It offers unmatched convenience in concentrate preparation, management, and serving, making every session smoother and more enjoyable.


  • Auto Mode: Tool will stay hot for 10 seconds

  • Efficient & Precise: Transfer and handle concentrates without wastage.

  • Convenient for All Situations: Whether it's a midnight session or an outdoor adventure, the Pro Tool is ready.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Heat Settings: Three calibrated settings for perfect temperature control, ensuring optimal handling of various concentrates without damaging terpenes.

  • Extended Blade & Curved Edges: Easily scoop and transfer large quantities without spillage.

  • High-Powered LED: Illuminate your dab sessions, even in low light.

  • Portable Design: Comes with a travel pouch that snaps to the GO carrying case.

Quick Charging: Hassle-free USB-C charging for uninterrupted use.

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