Dark Crystal Clear Polishing Drops

Quantity: 3 Pack


Keep It Clean

Restore your glass collection to its former glory without breaking the bank (or the planet!) with Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner. This revolutionary plant-derived formula wipes away caked on resin, ash stains, and debris so easily that you won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat. Stubborn grime has nowhere left to hide as Dark Crystal rejuvenates glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium and acrylic surfaces like the Fountain of Youth. The proprietary plant-derived formula is free from odor, toxins and phosphates, rendering it safe for the planet and everyone living on it! It makes sense that a cleaner that leaves your glass looking forever young would also last forever; Dark Crystal never expires! Not only can you use it throughout your lifetime, you can reuse it over and over! Need to give it an extra push? Simply heat up your Dark Crystal Cleaner before wiping down surfaces for super strength cleansing! Dark Crystal Cleaner is the closest you’ll get to a whole new glass collection in a 30ml bottle!

  • Easily and efficiently removes even the most stubborn resin, stains and residue from quartz, ceramic, titanium and acrylic surfaces.
  • Non-toxic proprietary formula keeps safety of the utmost importance.
  • Dark Crystal Cleaner never expires so you can use it today, tomorrow, or 100 years from now! You can even re-use it!
  • The 100% plant-derived formula is all-natural, free from contaminants, environmentally safe, eco-friendly and a perfect choice for a vegan lifestyle!
  • The odorless formula won’t contaminate your glass with residual flavors or fragrances.
  • Each bottle holds 30ml of Dark Crystal Glass Cleaning Fluid.
  • This order gives you 3 x 30ml bottles of Dark Crystal Glass Cleaning Fluid


  • Non-chlorinated Water
  • Karanja oil
  • Processed Coconut Extract
  • Processed Kelp Extract
  • Processed Extract of Sugar Cane

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