Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner, Case of 40x/30ml Bottles


Dark Crystal Cleaner - Case of 40x / 30ml Bottles 

Introducing the revolutionary new glass cleaner from Dark Crystal Glass - now available in a handy travel size!

Quickly and easily remove tough stuck on resin from glass, ceramic, quartz, acrylic and even titanium smoking accessories!

This unique cleanser is non-toxic, phosphate free, safe for the environment and is even safe enough for human consumption! The liquid cleaner is reusable, even after numerous rinses and does not have an expiration date so it can be reused for years to come. Made from 100% natural plant based ingredients derived from renewable sources, this extra strength odorless cleanser can also be heated up for added cleaning power.

Wholesale smoke shop and head shop customers buy in bulk and save with Master Minded Distribution


+ Non-toxic
+ Removes resin easily
+ Can be used on Quartz, Ceramic, Acrylic & Titanium
+ No expiration date
+ Reusable
+ 100% plant derived ingredients
+ Safe for the environment
+ Odorless
+ 30ml liquid
+ Made in Canada

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