Diamond Grind Deluxe Herb Grinder 2" 4pc - Assorted Colors

Diamond Grind

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Diamond Grind Deluxe Herb Grinder 2" 4pc - Assorted Colors 

Diamond Grind herb grinders are machine-crafted with a reliable magnetic top, diamond-shaped diamond-sharp teeth and an all-new magnetic removable screen for massive pollen collection

Deluxe Diamond Grind are made with the same quality design as the classic Diamond Grind herb grinders but have been upgraded to include the new magnetic removable screens so you can clean them easier & replace them when necessary.

  • Each grinder has a deep pollen tray and a tiny scraper
  • Diamond Grind Herb Grinders provide a finely textured grind - ideal for everything from blunts to bowls!
  • Sharp "diamond" shaped teeth cut through almost anything, guaranteeing your herbs are thoroughly ground

All Diamond Grind herb grinders are machine milled from solid rods of aircraft grade aluminum for strength and durability and always made in the USA! All colors are anodized, not painted, so the user never has to worry about contaminants from a Diamond Grind mixing with their fresh ground herbs. They're so confident, Diamond Grind herb grinders come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty!