Dank Fung DELUXE Ceramic Atomizer Replacement

Color: Black


Dank Fung DELUXE Ceramic Atomizer Replacement

The Dank Fung Extracts' all Ceramic sub-ohm Deluxe atomizer heats your concentrate low and slow giving the signature terpene rich vapor for which DFE products are known. 

The Deluxe Atomizer's modified & upgraded internals are optimized to work with the more robust boxes such as our Deluxe vaporizer increasing durability for longer use. 

For use with exclusive Dank Fung Deluxe vaporizer / vape

Low temps and a large concentrate well allows customers to pack more into one load, reducing refill frequency and giving a lot more puffs per loading.

The atomizer comes with a silicone protected dab tool as well as **Universal 510 threading**


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