Dipper Vaporizer Portable Wax Pen by Dip Devices

Color: Chrome


No torch? No problem.  

The Dipper by Dip Devices is a versatile vaporizer that allows users to dab and vape without needing a torch or any additional loading. It features a powerful 900 mAh battery and an innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer that allows for a convenient, simple dabbing experience. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows users to load the Dipper like a traditional dab pen, but still get a hit that is similar to using a dab rig. Overall, the Dipper is a great option for those looking to dab and vape on the go.

  • Quartz crystal atomizer
  • Dab without the hassle of a rig or torch
  • No messes, leaks, clogs

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