Focus V - Chromatix Series - Atomizer Bumper - Black


Make Sure Your Lid Is Covered

Chromatix introduces a line of accessories designed specifically for the CARTA that allows you to personalize your smart rig with no limitations. Whether you want to emphasize certain features of your CARTA or just add some custom personality to your e-rig, Chromatix offers an easy and affordable way to do it with an immense multitude of possible unique color combinations. The Chromatix lineup includes Tethers, Carb Caps, Carrying Cases, Back Packs, Silicone Stoppers, Atomizers, and Atomizer Bumpers. 

The Focus V Atomizer Bumper provides a silicone cushion around your atomizer to help  against any knocks or falls and provides a barrier away from the heating components inside the atomizer. Paired with a Focus V Carb Cap will allow for an air tight seal for maximum vapor production.

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