Focus V x Blazy Susan Wooden Dab Station


Dabbing In Style

The Blazy Susan wooden dab tray is a custom-designed dabbing accessory made to fit and complement the Focus V CARTA 2. It is made from high quality wood and features a beautifully crafted flat surface perfect for holding the CARTA 2 and all of the tools and accessories needed for dabbing, such as a Mystic Timber Dab Tool. The tray also includes a built-in storage compartment for holding concentrates, keeping everything organized and within reach. It's the perfect addition to any personal or social consumption setup, providing a stylish and functional surface for using the Focus V CARTA 2. The tray includes a Silicone Dab Station from Blazy Susan which is a flexible, dishwasher-safe dab organizer that comes with extra slots for all your dabbing tools and concentrate accessories.


  • Wooden Dab Tray

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