Hashtek 85t – Commercial Bubble Hash Extraction System


The Hashtek 85t is a commercial system designed and built for the professional hashmaker. Turnkey solution for bubble hash extraction. You only need 3 things to get started: water in, power and a drain hose for waste water. Designed to be used by a single operator this unit maximizes efficiency and daily throughput. $60-150k revenue per day. Average payback period of 7 months compared to handwashing.

  • Turnkey ICE Water (bubble hash) Extraction Unit
  • Patented tip-to-empty system for effortless emptying of biomass
  • Continuous Recirculation compatible
  • Consider pairing with Cold Water Tank
  • Sanitary stainless Steel Piping for recirculation, drain, fresh water and rinse water
  • 7″ Industrial LCD with advanced control options
  • Hashtek’s Proven Gentle Top-Down Agitation
  • Interchangeable Paddle (includes ICE paddle)
  • Sanitary 304 SS construction throughout
  • Sealed Washdown safe Electric motor
  • Single Phase 230v FLA/MCA: 13 / 16 (requires 4-wire 230V with neutral)
    • Nema L14-20 Plug
  • Includes VFD speed control with an upper limit of 60rpm
  • Proprietary Hashtek Work Screen eliminating the need for 220u work bags
  • Sanitary Butterfly Valves & Compression Fittings, no exposed threading
  • CIP ready
  • 2x sanitary pumps included (on demand water pump & recirculation pump)
  • 85 Gallon Water Capacity in Agitation Vessel
  • Includes 55 Gallon Collection Vessel
  • Designed to be run by a single operator
  • Gravity Drain for Trichome Rich Water, Sanitary pumps for filtered water
  • Crimped end sanitary hose provided
  • Made In Canada, lifetime warranty on craftsmanship & lifetime support
  • Fastest setup and takedown on the market
  • Available with glycol jacket to reduce ice requirements, or for iceless washing.
  • Theoretical max of 55lb (25kg) wpff capacity per run. Hash makers with a passion for quality typically run 12-15kg wpff per batch
  • Produce up to 5-10 lbs (2-5 kg) of rosin/melt per day (@ $30/gram wholesale $60-150k revenue per day)
  • FDA and Health Canada compliant
  • Optional Add-Ons: (1) Thermometer that measures recirculation water temperature and displays it on screen  (2) Hashtek Iceless paddle (for no ice washes) (3) Clean In Place LID w/ 360 degree spray head (4) neoprene insulating jackets (5) glycol jacketing for iceless washing, (6) Ergonomic Freeze Dryer Tray Holder (please specify size of Freeze Dryer at time of order)
  • The 85t dimensions are 46” x 60” x 91″ (and yes it will fit in a sea-can)
  • Bolt together design – allows you to get the system through small doorways. You only need a 31″ wide door.
  • Agitation Tank Overflow Sensor (optional)
    • Stops agitation tank from overflowing if operator is distracted

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