10m Quartz Dish Kit

Color: Anod Blue


The rumors you've heard are true. Highly Educated has been working behind the scenes to begin the journey of making machined quartz accessories - the first release being the V1 Quartz Dish attachment and Kits.

The first run of V1 Quartz Dish attachments will be offered as a full kit with the new H-Adapter titanium bodies and it will also be InfiniTi nail compatible. The dish will also work with Huighly Eduacated V2 Carb Caps, UniTi Caps, and PartiCaps.

Highly Educated quartz accessories are machined from GE semiconductor grade fused quartz. Much like their titanium, Highly Educated quartz is machined right here in the United States and is 99.9% pure.

The V1 Quartz Dish will be both torch and flat coil e-nail compatible off the shelf - or it can be made 16mm & 20mm barrel coil e-nail compatible with an aftermarket adapter.

Optional vibrant anodized titanium bodies to help your nail better match your rig - Gold, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green and Standard Titanium now available!

Highly Educated Titanium and Quartz products are available for our wholesale smokeshop and headshop customers only

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