Parti Carb Cap- Standard Titanium

Highly Educated

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Introducing Highly Educated's newly designed ParTiCap, the most universal carb cap on the market. The ParTiCap Flat Head Dabber utilizes a threaded hollow dabber design with air intake holes combined with a dual-sided carb cap that functions either concaved side up or concaved side down depending on what you need to cap. The dabber's threaded tip allows users to adjust the position of the cap to achieve the most perfect depth of the hollow tip when capping their nails. The user can regulate air intake by fingering the two lateral holes placed right above the hollow tip. Attach the dual sided ParTiCap to the ParTiCap-Dabber concave side down and the ParTiCap will function fantastically with Mothership Honeybuckets, Highly Educated Domeless Nails, and Electronic Nails. Attach the PartiCap to the dabber flat-side down and the PartiCap functions wonderfully with Hoyes Quartz Bangers (Standard and XL), Quave Club Bangers (Standard and XL), Halen Honey Holes/Troughs, Quartz Enails, traditional domes and many more. The ParTiCap is the only cap you'll need to bring to the party.

Dabber Attachment Sold Separately