Highly Educated Titanium - Pen Dabber

The H.E. Titanium Pen is a simple, yet effective glass marking tool intended for glass blowers and collectors alike. It can dual as a dabber when you are finished signing your art, or marking your dish weight. The Titanium Pen does not function the same as a scribe. Instead of scratching the surface, the Titanium Pen leaves behind titanium traces on the glass that are permanent and can withstand reheating. Our Titanium Pen is made from 99.9% Pure Grade 2 Titanium. Grade 2 is the second most pure titanium available as well as being the second softest. This pure and comparatively soft titanium allows you to lay down a visibly smooth line on your glass work. You can sharpen or dull the tip to produce fine or thicker lines. It works best with a wet surface to minimize friction. In addition, it can be used for laying down electro-conductive lines for electro-forming.

*Sold individually

*Functions equally well as a dabbing tool or an art tool


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