iDab Egg Glass Dab Rig Tube - 14m/Male - Clear

idab glass

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Tired of Bakin' for Breakfast? Try Some Egg

The iDab Egg Glass Dab Rig Tube combines the stability and generous chamber of a beaker pipe with a silky diffy perc and rounds it out with its distinctive egg shape. This wax rig employs the simplicity of a straight tube design with the egg acting as a second chamber atop the larger beaker base. Even the harshest of hits get ironed out when they pass through the built-in diffy perc. Crafted right here in the U.S.A from rugged, heat resistant German Schott borosilicate, this concentrate rig is a welcome addition to any glass collection.

  • 10mm 5" tall x 2.5" base
  • 14mm 9" tall x 3.5" base
  • 10mm or 14mm joint
  • 3-Hole Diffuser Perc
  • Crafted from high quality German Schott borosilicate glass
  • Made in the U.S.A.