MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig "VE" Gold Series


The Mysteries of Life… in Egg Form

Created to turn any ordinary vaporizer pen into the most portable dab rig. The female spout is made to receive most sized circular tip vaporizers.

How do you improve on the natural perfection of the egg shape? MJ Arsenal found a way with the Royale Mini Dab Rig, an innovative new take on the classic Faberge egg rog design. This wax rig, like the fab rigs before it, marries two internal chambers to act together as a percolator using their tiny connecting holes to collide sweltering vapor with cool crisp water. If this sounds like sex ed, don’t worry… we’re just telling you how two chambers who love each other very much give birth to the best hit of your life.

  • Vaporizer Attachment

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