MZ12X Organic Solvent for Premium Extraction

Amount: Case of Six 520ml Cans


Eco-Friendly, Health-Conscious Extraction is Spelled MZ12X

Offering a greener solution for extraction, MZ12X delivers premium results without the risks of butane and propane solvents. This eco-conscious alternative to butane is free from toxins, making it a perfectly safe substance for people, animals, and even plant life. Created from naturally occurring gas, MZ12X has all of the best qualities of a high performing solvent, leaving degreased surfaces free from residue, heavy metals, color, and odor. Unlike most solvents on the market that are focused on simple extraction, MZ12X excels at whole plant extraction. It pulls away all of the undesirables while retaining everything you want. Note that MZ12X is still a flammable substance. However, with a higher explosion point (about the same as common cooking sherry), it still remains a safer alternative to petroleum solvents. With a fully vanishing CEP (Complete Evaporating Point) of -23°C and no traces of heavy metals, this biodegradable, health-conscious solvent consistently produces a quality product with no residual solvent. Available by the can or in cases of 6.

  • Organic solvent is biodegradable and eco-conscious
  • Non-toxic: will not hurts people, animals, or plants
  • Leaves degreased surfaces free from odor, color, residue and heavy metals
  • Higher explosion point than standard petroleum solvents
  • Fully vanishing CEP of -23°C

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