Octave Hamr


Dabs Anywhere Anytime

Made from high grade borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone, the HAMR dab rig is built to last. Thanks to an included, padded, soft shell carry case, the HAMR makes for an excellent companion on the road. 

HAMRs intelligent compact design allows you to enjoy dabs in mere seconds, thanks to a cold start heat up method and deep trough banger. Since the banger is taller than normal, and vented with holes on the sides, you can easily cap it with a finger. 

Whether enjoying low temp or high temp dabs, this rig is 100% guaranteed to deliver delicious flavor at the touch of a button. No electricity required with the HAMR, but you will need butane. It does not ship prefilled due to shipping regulations of hazardous liquids. 

  • Rapid heat-up gets your dab ready in mere seconds
  • Cold start torch heating
  • All-in-one design eliminates your need for any tools or accessories
  • Long finger banger crafted from genuine quartz replaces the need for a carb cap
  • Included travel case keeps your Hamr safe, clean and looking sleek for on-the-go dabbing

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