Oil Slick Foil-Backed Parchment Paper Roll - 12" x 600"


A Higher Echelon of Parchment Paper

Next level extracts need next level parchment paper and the folks at Oil Slick are happy to oblige with this Foil-Backed Parchment Paper Roll. You're still given the non-stick surface that's absolutely essential for easy harvesting of your wax but, unlike most parchment paper on the market, this roll has no contaminating BPAs or Quilon. Backed by foil, this 50-foot roll stays folded, committing to whatever form you mold it into it while remaining conveniently non-stick. The foil side even features a gridded guide so you can make precise cuts.

  • Non-stick silicone material
  • Reinforced with foil for extra security
  • Free from BPA and Quilon
  • Gridded foil allows for easy and precise cutting
  • 12" width and 600" length roll

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