Oil Slick Slab 2' x 3' Non-Stick Platinum-Cured Silicone Dab Mat


The King of All Dab Mats

Do you love wax so much that run-of-the-mill dab mats can't satisfy you anymore? Well, before you stitch them together like a silicone quilt, check out the Oil Slick Slab - a 6' square non-stick behemoth crafted from top notch silicone. Featuring Oil Slick's revolutionary "Slip Grip" technology paired with state-of-the-art German silicone engineering, this massive dab mat is perfect for huge coffee tables supporting equally huge seshes. Throw as much glass as you want in the mix; the Oil Slick Slab is about that decadent life. It's lower surface offers a steady, reliable grip just as its upper food-grade silicone surface stays smooth enough that the wax seems to lift right off it.

  • 6 square feet of non-stick glory
  • Revolutionary "Slip Grip" technology using state-of-the-art German silicone engineering
  • Unbelievably smooth upper surface with reliably grippy lower surface
  • Food grade silicone

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