Organic Flame Hemp Wick Rolls

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Let’s See Someone Walk Off with Your Hemp Wick at a Party

Why are you still using a butane lighter to light up when you could be enjoying better flavor and cleaner hits with Organic Flame Hemp Wick Rolls? When you use a butane lighter, you’re running the risk of exposure to toxic gases. However, if you use that same lighter to light a hemp wick, the gases aren’t transferred, allowing you to light up with peace of mind. Organic Flame Hemp Wick burns slower and smoother than a butane lighter, meaning the smoke is less harsh. You have full control of the flame, not to mention the flavor is purer without being diluted by butane gas. Since hemp wicks burn at a lower temperature, they also preserve more cannabinoids so you may notice increased potency. Organic Flame Hemp Wick is also waterproof and easy to use on the go, so go ahead and let someone walk off with your lighter… you won’t need it anymore.

  • Quantities include: (2) 200ft, (2) 100ft, (24) 50ft, (24) 25ft 
  • Crafted from small farm, ethically sourced Michigan beeswax, organic honey and American hemp
  • Handspun hemp wick
  • Healthier than butane lighters and matches
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting, slow, smooth burn
  • Conveniently portable

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