Trust the Original

Sometimes, when you want things done right, you have to go with the original. Pollinator created the first dry sift tumbler in '92 and have had their revolutionary tumbler boxes on the market since '94! Choose from the Pollinator 150 and 500 models, both perfect for home use, or the 3000 model which creates a small, concentrated volume of trichome extract from a comparably large volume of material.

To operate the 150 and 500 Pollinator models, simply

(1.) Fill your drum,

(2.) Load it into the Pollinator,  

(3.) Activate your Pollinator,

(4.) Wait for several minutes,

(5.) Remove the drum,

(6.) Collect your crystal extract!

The Pollinator 3000 uses a similar approach as above, though Pollinator recommends periodic separation. To do this, simply:

(1.) Remove the drum,

(2.) Sweep the product into the drawer,

(3.) Collect the product,

(4.) Reload the drum,

(5.) Reactive your Pollinator. 

These models are also compact enough to fit in most fridges and freezers, giving you the advantage of low temperature (which is beneficial to the dry sift process).  

Pollinator 500 Specs:

  • Suitable for up to 500 grams of dry plant material
  • Comes equipped with a 150 µm screen drum
  • Weight: 15.4lbs. (7kg)
  • Dimensions: 27.6" x 15.7" x 13.4" (70 x 40 x 34cm)
  • Includes US plug

“Warranty” refers specifically to manufacturer’s warranty. For all warranty-related questions or concerns, please contact the manufacturer directly at info@pollinator.nl.

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