Quartz Crystal Vape Atomizer Replacement by Dip Devices

Quantity: 1 Pack


Add a Touch of the Traditional to Your Dipper Vape Sesh

Enjoy the quick convenience of a pack-and-go vape pen while enjoying rig-quality hits with a Quartz Crystal Atomizer designed for use with the Dipper Portable Vape. These dual quartz vape atomizers screw directly into the Dipper for a more traditional loading experience, but with clean, crisp hits that you’d swear were straight from a wax rig. Manufactured by Dip Devices specifically for use with the Dipper, these wax atomizers come individually or in packs of 3.

  • Replaceable attachment that screws into the Dipper
  • Concentrates can be packed directly into the atomizer’s bowl
  • Offers a more traditional vape pen experience but with a better hit

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