Rosin Tech Products Cooling Plate


Keep It Chill.

The Rosin Tech Products cooling plate is the ultimate in solventless collection technology. With a 6in x 6in surface area that utilizes an Active Cooling Aluminum technology, the Rosin Tech Products cooling plate is perfect for home users and commercial pressers alike! Ensure your Terps are cooled just right, and kept to absolute perfection.

Product Details:

  • 6in x 6in Active Cooling Aluminum surface

  • Lightweight (2.40lbs); perfect for home use or traveling

  • Easy to use; plug and use functionality

Technical Specifications:

  • Shipping Dimension: 8 3/4in x 4 1/8in x 7in

  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs

  • Electrical Input: 100-240v-50/60Hz

  • Electrical Output: 12V, 7A

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