Source V4 Atomizers 3pk- Quartz Single Coil

Source Vapes

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+New Redesigned SOURCE orb 4 atomizers (Stainless Steel 303)
+New Threaded atomizers for easier changing
+USA-tested Real Grade 1 Titanium (Purest Titanium!)
+3 Grade 1 Titanium Double Coil atomizers
+New Black Ceramic Double Coil atomizer for runny oils
+New SOURCE terra 2 All-Ceramic coil-less atomizer
+USA-tested 100% Real Grade 2 Titanium
+30-Day No-Hassle Warranty (even after use)
+Sub-ohm capable battery required (like SOURCE volt)

Works with:

  • SOURCE orb 4
  • SOURCE orb XL
  • SOURCE nail


  • 3x SOURCE orb 4 atomizers

3 New Atomizers - 9 Revolutionary Atomizers

SOURCE orb 4 atomizers are completely redesigned with its new full Stainless Steel 303 construction, the healthiest material ever used on a vaporizer pen.
The new Black Ceramic Double Coil features a two porous black ceramic rods to absorb runnier oils. This new atomizer features two 3 inch Black Ceramic rods (vs. 2 inch of White Ceramic) for a better absorption rate. 

SOURCE terra 2 is an all-ceramic atomizer that transforms the ceramic donut from its original incarnation, into a full heating ceramic cup. Perfect for low temp vape pen hits. (Will ship separate 2 weeks later. All early adopters will receive an original SOURCE terra).
The Quartz SOURCE terra 2another SOURCEvapes Exclusive, which has an all-ceramic heating plate enclosed in Quartz cup, so all your concentrate slides easily off the sides for easier loading.

All coiled atomizers (Quartz Single Coil and 3 Double Coils) have been upgraded with genuine 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium, tested in the USA, the purest form of titanium known to man, higher than Grade 2. 
SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit batteries are also redesigned to pair perfectly with the new Sub-Ohm atomizers. Eight different settings from 3.2v to 4.8v provide a wide range of options to achieve your perfect temperature and intensity.