Small ICE-O-LATOR® Bags

Size: 25μm


Diameter: 30 cm
Crystal catching bag

20 l/5 gal bucket required (not included)

The 25 micron bag is an excellent addition for your existing water and ice crystal separation set. It will enable you to achieve the highest possible yield by collecting even the smallest trichomes. **Please note that this bag drains rather slowly. Due to its exceedingly small screen size it takes some time for water to pass through. Moreover, the 25 micron bag potentially catches dust particles and very small plant fragments along with the super-mini crystals.

The 38 micron bag makes an excellent addition to your existing Small Ice-O-Lator® set, catching the mini-crystals while still allowing most plant fragments and dust particles to pass through with the water.

Collecting the resin glands of intermediate size, the 45 micron bag enables you to add one more degree of quality/size separation. Furthermore, this bag is ideal when dealing with plant material with overall smaller crystals (particularly outdoor).

The 70 micron screen bag hits what is considered the “sweet spot” of trichome collection. In most plant material, the majority of mature resin glands are in the range of 70-90 micron. This means that you will obtain the highest proportion of resin glands compared to potential contaminants if you collect crystals in this range. As trichome size is also an indicator of maturity of the resin glands, you are most likely to collect the prime quality of your product in the 70 micron bag.

90 μm will often catch the highest amount of active ingredients per weight, as it collects the large and mature trichomes.

The product obtained from the 120 μm bag depends on the plant material you are working with: If your overall crystal size is very large, you will catch the biggest and most mature resin glands in the 120 μm bag. If, on the other hand, your overall trichome size is on the smaller end, the 120 micron bag collects mostly trichome stalks (non-active part of the resin gland) and plant contaminants, thereby ensuring top quality in any subsequent crystal catching bag.

The 185 micron bag catches plant fragments which managed to slip through the 220 micron bag. Moreover, the 185 μm bag helps to retain trichome stalks (non-active part of the resin glands), thereby yielding a cleaner product in subsequent crystal catching bags.

The 220 micron bag functions as the working bag for the Ice-O-Lator® system or as a filter bag for the Bubbleator® system. All crystals pass through the screen of this bag while it retains the bulk of your plant material.

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