Terp Wipes Ethyl Alcohol-Based Cleaning Wipes

Quantity: Case (100 Units)


Unleash the Terp Power

Terp wipes are made with 75% food grade ethyl alcohol, more absorbent and will not shred compared to pharmacy brand wipes. Additionally the ethyl alcohol is grain based, which is both food safe and non-toxic. Terp Wipes use super thick cotton pads soaked in a safer alcohol that leaves less residue and evaporates slower than iso, allowing you more time to use your wipe.

Cleaning Wipe Features: 

  • Pack contains 70 swabs 
  • Safe on Glass, Quartz, Metal, Grinders, Mood Mats, Vapes and Sticky Fingers
  • Sanitize your pipes safely
  • Grain Based Alcohol - food safe and non-toxic
  • 75% ethyl alcohol  

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