Vapor Tip Atomizer Replacement Pack by Dip Devices

Quantity: 2 Pack


The Convenience of the Dipper with an Even Cleaner Hit

With these multi-packs of Vapor Tip Atomizers for your Dipper Vaporizer, you’ll never find yourself high and dry. These quick heating vape atomizers are specifically designed for use with the Dipper Portable Vaporizer and allow you to bypass the torch and rig. Instead, you can dab straight from the wax container! Dip Devices created the Vapor Tip as a means of avoiding excess concentrates, instead delivering reliably clean, efficient hits. These top-quality atomizers come in either packs of 2 or 5.

  • Replaceable attachment that screws into the Dipper Portable Wax Pen
  • Heats quickly
  • Eliminates excess concentrates for a nice, clean hit

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